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Is your big day coming? Your prom is near? Or your best friend’s wedding is just around the corner? In this situation, the main question is: suit or tuxedo? What’s the difference?

Tuxedos are known for two things- the lapels and the buttons. The lapel is the most distinguished difference to spot, between a tux and suit. The lapel of it would be different, mostly silk-satin.

Whereas, a suit jacket, its lapel would be of the same color, pattern, and fabric as the rest of the jacket.

Even the tuxedos are of the same color, sometimes you can spot the difference from the silk-lapel which looks subtle. Moreover, the buttons in it would be fabric-covered. However, the suit would give bare buttons.

When to Wear a Tuxedo or Suit?

There are so many occasions where you have to dress formally. Let’s have a look at individual events.


Attending a wedding is the most common occasion in which the man is required to wear a suit. The groom must have to wear it as it is a part of the culture unless the theme is themed. Even the attendees of the wedding also have to wear it. But, mostly it is the mandatory rule at almost every wedding. It is said that the groom often wears tuxedos, we have a variety of handsome-looking with such classic color combinations like red and black. Make your wife fall in love with you all over again on your wedding day by shopping from our Men’s Suits and Tuxedos. We even have options for the groomsmaid, which is also an essential part of the ceremony.

Attending a Musical:

When people go to the theatre, they are required to be dressed formally. The girls wear long frocks and the guys wear tuxedos. We have so many options for this event. We have a 3 piece suit of premium quality which would be worth your every penny.

Attending an Award Shows:

Many award shows are held, like the Met Gala, Red Carpet. The celebrities wear some astounding and creative tuxedos. Like the classic black and white, some wear printed floral ones, others wear with heavy embellishments or that are made from velvet. The categories and creativity done on the suits are clearly shown.

Attending a Funeral:

It is the norm to wear a suit at the funeral. Normally a black suit is worn, not mandatory but out of respect for the deceased.

Job Interview:

A job interview requires a formal look as you have to represent yourself in the best possible manner. We do have a good collection of it. If you are a white-collar employee the suits would be a part of your life. Shop at ours for economical prices and great quality.

Homecoming and Prom:

These events are the most important ones in the high school years of a teenager. Having the best suit is the main goal because there is a crowd to impress. We have a couple of options with amazing color combinations so that you can color-match it with your girlfriend.

How To Try On A Suit or Tuxedo?

The Suits and Tuxedos for Men Collection have sizes for all ranging from XS to 3XL. But how do you know that this is the perfect one? Here are some tips to guide you through.

  • Starting with a dress shirt and dress shoes.

For the perfect fit, you have to make sure to wear the dress and shoes along with the coat so you can know if both complements together perfectly.

  • Check the Shirt

Button up your shirt fully. Use this hack that would determine if it fits. Your two fingers should fit perfectly between the shirt collar and neck so that won’t be too loose or tight.

Your waistline fabric should not be billowing out of your pants too much, you should have ample space for it.

Make sure your shirt sleeves should end at your wrists covering your nubby wrist bone. To be accurate about it, check it with a straightened arm rather than a folded one.

  • Try on Pants

Suit pants are designed to be a little higher on the waist, with less stretch on the waistline. But they shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. If they are a bit lose, wear a belt or suspenders are also worn with it. For a modern look, the pants should only reach till your tip of shoes without folding them. If you have folded it multiple times then it’s too long and should be adjusted.

  • Try-On The Jacket

Suits and Tuxedos are tailored to have just one button fastened. If it has two, for a good look you should fasten only the top button. The lapels of the jacket would lie flat with your chest. But if they billow when the suit is buttoned, it is too tight… The coat shoulders should end at the point where the arm begins. If it exceeds it the jacket is too long. The sleeves should be comfortable and your hands should be relaxed at every position of the arm. The length of the sleeves should be perfect with 1 or 1.5 inches of the shirt showing for cufflinks.


  1. Is a suit considered formal or a tuxedo?

Tuxedos are expected to be worn at black-tie events or highly prestigious events. They are attire for evening occasions. It is not considered appropriate to wear a tuxedo before 5 pm.

  1. Can you wear a tuxedo shirt with a suit?

Tuxedo shirts are a more formal and highly elegant piece of wear. So the tuxedo shirts are also meant to be worn at formal events not as casually or with traditional suits.

  1. Which shoes are ideal for a suit and tuxedo?

For tuxedos, shiny shoes are suitable whereas, for suit loafers or calf-skin shoes can work too.

  1.  How do you keep your suits and tuxedos clean?

Dry Cleaning is recommended with both. Both are formal clothing that would lose their charm if washed in a washing machine. Keep them stored in a cloth cover to prevent dust.

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