Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We have faith in building a trustworthy relationship with our clients. With our customer-friendly customized privacy policy, we make sure that we gain the trust of our consumers and serve them in the most satisfactory way.
Through our customer-friendly privacy policy, we make sure to provide the best of our services to our clients. We know that the online market has been extended and people are very concerned about their privacy. That’s why we want you to go through this privacy policy and know, that where do we use your personal information, and why do we take them from you. But remember, We keep all your data private and just use that to facilitate you in the great way possible.

Why do we get your data?

This is a question that pops up in every mind when entering the details. Let us brief you about this. What we need from you is your name, address, phone number, account number, and email address. To ship your order without any inconvenience and to make the best experience feasible for you.

Do we share the data with other companies or thor parties?

Absolutely not, do not worry, and believe that your personal information is in safe hands. It is not in our policy to share our respected client’s data with anyone at any cost. We do not share, rent, or sell any of your information. So relax and feel free to shop with us without any hesitation.

Do we store the data?

Please remember that we just use the data to make a hustle-free delivery feasible. And after some time the delivery, we do not retain the personal data of our buyers.

Still, have any concerns regarding privacy?

We own a worldwide trusted platform. But, if you still have any queries, you can go through our privacy policy and terms and conditions and get your queries answered.