Privacy Policy

Information that we collect from you:

Whenever you place an order on our website, we ask you following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address

 Do we use any of your provided information?

No, we do not use or we do not have any access to the data that any third party collects if you visit our site. There is involvement of third party with our website in  a way that if you see any ads, media advertisements, audience engaging ads etc. all these ways are just to see your interest. In this way, These are those third parties who use and collect the data when you visit that ads. The do so to provide relevant content according to your interest. So, in short we don’t collect or demand any of your data from such third parties.

We use your information for?

  • To make your online shopping experience even more better
  • To provide you high quality service than before after using your information and interest
  • To make our website better for all our customers by your information and honest feedback that you leave for us.
  • To complete all the transactions without any problem. You information thus helps us to make your purchasing even more easy when you register an order on our site.
  • To send you emails in future to inform you about upcoming products for you to have interest in.
  • To conduct online surveys and promotions.

How do we protect your personal information?

It is guaranteed that your personal information shared with us while placing any order is never ever shared with any third party. We always do care about our customer’s personal privacy. It is our basic policy rule. There are some ways, in which you can understand that how do we protect your information:

  • Use of a secure server. (This helps us a lot to protect the data of our customers whenever they place any order or share any data with us. By this secured server we make this able that your data is first transferred by SSL technology. This technology transmits your data in secret coding and then transfer to our trusted systems.
  • Our verified computer systems keep your data confidential.
  • Numeral information like credit cards, security numbers are all deleted from our servers after a successful transaction by customer.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, buy only if you allow us to do so. Cookies are some sort of mini data files that enable us (servers) to access to your hard drive by transferring these cookies there. In this way, we store some of your browser information. This helps us to offer you better site shopping experiences in near future.

Do we share any of your information with third party?

As mentioned earlier third parties use your data when you visit their advertised pages for their own purpose. We do not collect any information from them. Nor we share your data to such outside parties. Trusted third parties who make us run our business and help us to provide you best services, are excluded from such category. Because, it is required to share your data with these trusted parties to make services better. When we consider that your information is no longer needed it is released then and not stored by our server.

We collect information that’s provided online not offline, because we own only Online Privacy Policy.

Changed Policies

Online Website changed policies and Terms & Conditions are required in order to maintain the community standards and to provide the best services to customers. So, we request our customers to visit this Policy section more often to be updated about the changes we have made on our website.


You’re completely responsible for the information that you provide on your own to such outside parties. Website will apply some different rules and regulations about your data then.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact if you have any question regarding this privacy policy. Leave an email for us [email protected] if you have any query. You will always be entertained in a good way the team