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Leather is a material that is very popular in the fashion industry. Evolving alongside the fashion industry, it is one of the most useful discoveries of mankind. For a long time, leather has been used to make different things such as purses, bags, wallets, Womens Shearling Jacket, pants and baskets.

Talking about women’s shearling jackets, there is a lot that you may not know about them and we are here to guide you through it. Shearling jackets for women are also known as aviator jackets. They became very popular in the early 1950’s after World War II. Womens Shearling Jacket were loved by the youth and that is how they made their way into the fashion industry. Today, these jackets are not only adored by men, but are also loved by women. You can find a wide range of shearling jackets for women at our website that are put together using high quality stitching techniques, making them more durable and perfect for women. Talking about different styles, you will find distinct types of shearling jackets for women, such as: shearling coats, shearling jackets with hood, shearling jacket with buttoned/zipper closure and shearling jacket with different collars.

Shearling Coats:

You may not see them much in your everyday life but they are the most raging trend right now in the fashion industry. Shearling coats for women are designed in such a way that makes them perfect for everyday casual outfits, as well as formal outfits. These coats are above the knee length and look quite elegant when worn with dresses. The shearling lining on the inside of the coat is what makes it the perfect thing to wear on a cold night out with friends.

Shearling Jacket with hood:

Quite popular in the colder countries, women’s shearling jackets have hoods that have a warm shearling lining inside them, added to make the hood more warm. The hood is not only for fashion but plays a very important role in keeping you warm. Providing insulation around your ears and neck, the hood added to these jackets is a great plus-one.

Shearling Jacket with zipper/buttoned closure:

With different Womens Shearling Jacket, different styles come to mind. Some people prefer buttoned closures and some prefer zipper closure to get a more laid back look. Shearling jackets for women sometimes have both of them. This means the dual closure does not only make the jacket more firm but also fulfills your needs of styling it up and down, according to your occasion.

Shearling Jackets with different collars:

Little things can make a big difference. The collar of a jacket makes the whole look. Shearling jackets for women also have different styles that you can pick from; the most popular style is the notched lapel style collar and folding style collars. A shearling jacket with a notched lapel style collar can give you a formal look that can be styled according to your plans. On the other hand, a women’s shearling jacket with a shirt style collar will give you a more casual and laid back look.

Styling a shearling Jacket:

When it comes to planning an outfit, women can be very picky and we totally understand that, after all your first impression is your last. To style a women’s shearling jacket, you need to figure out what you want: a bold look, an easy going look or a party look?

For a bold look, pick a bold color tee or tank top, along with a pair of dark blue jeans. Style the outfit with black shearling jacket and accessorize according to your plans.

For a more casual and laid back look, pick a plain white tee and light washed blue jeans. Pair this outfit with a camel color shearling jacket or coat.

A party look that will leave everyone in awe? Pick a little black dress and your favorite pair of high heels. Style this outfit with brown shearling leather coat and accessorize with dainty jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will a Women’s shearling jacket last me?

If you take proper care of the jacket, a genuine leather shearling jacket can last you for at least two decades.

How do I know if the leather used to make the shearling jacket for women is genuine?

When shopping for leather, you need to remember three things: smell, texture and flexibility. the texture will feel grainy and the material will be slightly flexible.

How do I find the right size women’s shearling jacket?

To find a size that fits you just right is important. Refer to our size chart given on the website to figure out which size from XS to 3XL fits you.

Are these shearling leather jackets for women good for winter?

These jackets have a high quality shearling lining that provides great insulation.

How many styles are available?

We have a wide range of leather shearling jackets available at our website, you can pick what fits your style and depicts your personality.

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