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Suede Jacket for Men’s and Women’s Collection

Suede is the inner surface of tanned animal skin rather than the outer layers as leather. It is softer than leather and is used in manufacturing jackets and coats. They are lightweight and breathable making them possible to wear in spring, autumn, and winter. Suede can only be made from smoother skins like sheep, calf, and deer hides.

The trendiest material from suede is Suede jackets. They have been in fashion since the 60s for both men and women. It is considered to be an amazing piece. They are prized for their luxuriance, soft texture. They are considered to be more durable but not as much as a leather jacket. However, due to its feasibility of wearing anytime around it is more demanded and is a luxury garment in the fashion.

How to Elevate Your Styling Game with a Suede Jacket?

Our Suede Jacket Collection has some exclusive pieces and available in bright and jolly colors too. But, how do you style it with? Not everyone has the full knowledge of which attire complements the best or which accessories is the best fit.

Here is a quick guide on how to style your suede jacket:

Stay Away from Traditional:

When you think of a suede jacket what do you picture? A brown tanned jacket right? See that’s the mainstream, we do have it but also we have some other unique pieces of Suede Jackets for Men and Women. A millennial choice would be colored. Start the styling by picking out a piece of different colors and of different styles. It doesn’t mean the classic is not liked. You can choose a grey or a blue suede jacket. Pair them with luxe sneakers to outshow jolly colors.

Layering Up

Having the sense of dressing is a blessing if you are weak at it don’t worry we’re here for you. Styling gives you the freedom to your creativity. A style that men go for is layering up. You could pair your jacket with a zip-neck sweater or a shirt and tie if you’re looking for a formal approach. Top it up with leather footwear for a fine touch. This method is most suitable for winters. Get this look with our Men’s Lambskin Suede Leather Vest.


If you’re at home or out with your friends for a day out, put on a simple t-shirt with denim jeans along with a pair of cute canvas or sneakers. Nothing is more casual and comfy than this and also in fashion. It is the perfect match as you can not feel too bulky, just light and breezy.

Hiking Look:

If you’re out with your friends on a hiking trip, grab a bomber-style suede jacket and hop on a pair of collared shirts with comfy jeans. At down wear a pair of compact leather boots either of matching color or a contrasting shade and voila you’re good to go.

Slim-Fitted Look:

This look is highly popular with almost every jacket. The jackets are meant to be slim-fitted. You could wear a tank-top with skin-tight jeans or a skirt or a frock. Finish off your look with boot heels or plain heels. You can attain this look with this Women’s Sky Blue Suede Biker Jacket.

Winter Look:

Don’t hesitate to style yourself, wear what brings out the true self in you. Winter is all about sober and dark colors. Having good quality textured attire like a suede jacket in your winter wardrobe is amazing. Pick some shades from sober color palettes. Starting with a dark-shaded suede jacket like navy or forest green. Add some knitwear clothing for a warm touch-up. Below, put on some corduroy pants or wool trousers in a navy or grey color. Ending it up with a pair of sturdy boots that has all the elements of keeping you protected.


  1. Is a suede jacket waterproof?

When made it is made sure that it has water resistance. But it is not recommended to wear it during rain. The material of the suede is porous so it is highly unlikely for it to be waterproof.

  1. How do you wash it if it isn’t waterproof?

If there are any stains on the jacket use rubbing alcohol to remove those stains. Use a suede protector spray. Always clean when the jacket is dry.

  1. How long is the durability of a suede?

The material suede is known for its durability. With proper care, they can last a lifetime. It is a luxury garment which means it cannot be worn daily due to its delicate staining it tends to be easy to tear.

  1. What sizes do you offer?

We have a vast size chart for all the lovely and beautiful bodies out there. We offer sizes from XS to 3XL.

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