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Aviator Jackets Collection for Men and Women

The jackets came into being in the early years of World War II. Aviator jackets and bomber jackets were invented to provide the military officers some light weight work wear that would be suitable in different circumstances. These jackets became known worldwide and it became an international trend. The aviator jacket is a piece of attire that has been in trend for a long time, and it seems that it will not be going out of style anytime soon.

Aviator jackets are made from leather material that gives them a luxurious look. Although there are many types of leather jackets, the most popular ones are Aviator Leather Jackets and biker jackets. Talking about aviator jackets for men, these deluxe pieces of outerwear are always in trend and bring out the masculine side of you.

Men’s Aviator Jackets have a shearling lining on the inside that is not only for warmth but also brings out the texture of the jackets. The two layers of the posh material are stitched together professionally in order to get the perfect finishing. These jackets are now also known as flight jackets and are not only popular among the military men, but also the youth.

The fancy piece of outerwear tends to have a folding style collar that has a shearling lining on it, giving the jacket a more desirable look. Aviator Jackets have the flexibility of providing you with double closure; that is buttoned style closure along with a zipper closure. The double closure does not only make the jacket more firm and strong, but also plays a vital role in bringing out the texture of the leather. While most people prefer a zipper closure, the flexibility of double closure is appreciated by the youth.

The Aviator Jackets For Men have full length sleeves that fit perfectly around the arms and gives the men a more masculine look. The full length sleeves of this attire are not only for show but is rather appreciated by military men as it protects them in severe weather conditions.

In the early years of the flight jackets, they did not have any pockets. Recently, with evolving fashion trends, the Aviator Jackets have side pockets that not only give the jacket a more appealing look, but are important for the jacket to be more comfortable.

The Aviator Jacket is not only a trend among the men but is also pretty popular among the women. Aviator Jackets For Women also have a similar style to Men’s Aviator Jackets, with the difference being of size and fitting. The jackets for women are designed to be more fitting and appealing for the female body.

These colors are neutral and that is why they are not only easy to style, but also give a very laid back look that can be achieved with minimum effort. When styled properly these jackets look very appealing on both men and women.

How long can an aviator jacket last?

Aviator Jackets are made from Leather and hence if they are under proper care, these jackets can last for decades. (10-20 years least)

How is the shearling lining for these jackets made?

The shearling lining on the inside of these jackets is made from the skin of domestic sheeps that are raised on small farms. No sheeps are specially killed to make the shearling lining, as their skin is a by-product of the meat industry.

How well will the jacket fit me?

We have different sizes for men and women. You can refer to our size chart for more details about the fitting of each size.

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