About Us

About Us

What are we?

To find and gather hardworking people in order to start a business can be quite challenging. We are a team of diligent individuals who have come together in order to start a website that provides every single person an opportunity to look their best. New to this industry, we only believed in the quality of products that we were providing and that quality wins over quantity.

Our aim:

Our sole purpose of starting this website is to provide every individual with, what we believe are quality products. Every business becomes successful with popularity and we believe and aim for the popularity that will be gained by selling high end quality products.

Where can you contact us?

To provide you with the best services and answer all your queries we have a separate team for customer service. You can leave a message to our customer service team and hopefully we will be able to answer your queries.

Limitless supply of leather:

We have a profusion of different styles of leather jackets on our website. The distinct designs and latest styles will leave you in admiration of our collection of jackets.  Providing you with the best quality of leather, you will find a mass supply of that on our online shop.

Top-tier stitching:

In order to provide the best service we have our own team of designers and craft crew that is constantly working on making these jackets better for you. The team does wonders in stitching and getting each jacket just the right fit for everyone. Their professional stitching techniques do not only give you the perfect fit, but also make the jackets more durable.

Custom orders:

Most of the attire provided on our website is inspired by famous movie characters and their styles. If any of our customers want their attire to be customised they can contact our customer support and we will guide them through the process of customising their own jacket.

Loved by customers:

Our quality of service is unmatched and that is what makes us popular among our customers. When shopping online, our website is a trusted shop that provides authentic attire to our clients.

Return policy:

If any of our clients feel that their order is not what they expected, they can contact our customer service for return policy related questions and they will be guided through the process step by step.