Terms & Conditions



Our payment method is secured using SSL technique. We only accept payments via VISA or MasterCard or by credit card, Discover and American Express. Cash and personal cheque is not entertained in any situation. When you do online payment then you’re required some information to provide us. It is obligatory to provide the exact information without any fraud. This will lead both of us towards a safe payment.

Order Cancellation Policy

This is only applicable right within two days of order placement. Within these two days you can cancel the order that you have placed. For this purpose, you can contact support to request cancellation. But, after two days any lame reason will not be accepted. And if order is dispatched to the respective client then accepting the parcel is mandatory. You can only return it back in that case if you desire so. Our return policy is always available for our customers but according to some guidelines.


We accept payment by VISA or MasterCard or by credit card. Our prices mentioned on website are in USD. You can place your order even if your currency is not in USD. We will deduct the exact money according to USD at the time of transaction process.

Order Acceptance and Payment

Some products and their prices may be incorrectly placed on website despite of limitless effort that our team made. Such errors will be corrected when we notice them. A lot of products often go out of the stock so still if they are visible on website then you’ll get notified when you ask for that product. Prices can vary as it’s a policy and subject of change matter without any prior notice to customers. Some prices may be incorrectly mentioned on website, such problem can be resolved during the order processing procedure. We will recover or refund back if there’s any change in prices. Sometimes products originally price can be higher than mentioned, so in this case your order will be rejected and we’ll inform you. Or you can continue by paying the original price before parcel dispatches. After the order confirmation message is sent then price change is not applicable in any case.

Users and Accounts

It is required by users who are already registered to sustain the privacy of their accounts. Confidentiality of accounts is needed and is responsibility of every user. Under 18 girls and boys are not allowed to use the website nor they can register as users. So it’s clearly mentioned that fewer than 18 registrations are totally prohibited.