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Introduction to Vests:

A Womens Vest is something that has no sleeves and can be worn as outerwear. This piece of outerwear can be made from many different materials ranging from denim, leather, and cotton to wool, corduroy, and velvet. The key to a charming summer outfit is definitely layering, but with the temperature so high, how are you supposed to layer your clothes? This is where the vests come in. I mean how are you supposed to make a statement with your outfit without the cozy and trendy cover-ups from the winter season, like coats and jackets? Vests can be a great substitute for winter outerwear. Anyhow, we are here to show you some of the best, trendiest and the craziest ways to wear this summer outerwear.

Various lengths:

When shopping for vests, pay attention to different lengths so that you can create any look that you want. You can try by using your imagination and try grunge styles, biker looks, nomad, denim styles, and tailored looks. A great tip is to look for extensive and versatile designs that do not make you look bulky.

Different styles:

In other words, a Womens Vest is simply a jacket without any sleeves. To keep it neat and sophisticated you can try on different looks. There are different styles that you can choose from, for example, elegant lace designs, denim, silk, leather, printed, grungy, patterned, shirt collared, collarless and so much more.

Biker look:

If you are trying to cover your lightweight tops and shirts, then try the biker look. The biker look has a lapel-style collar and is mostly available in leather material. These types of vests for women have studs, zippers, and designs that resemble biker leather jackets, the only difference being: that these are made for summer. Trendy right now is the black leathered versions that can be oversized, fitted, long/short, etc. One thing that we adore about these cover-ups is that they can be styled from everyday street outfits to work-casual outfits.

Work appropriate:

If you are looking for something that is more work appropriate then choose the ones that look like blazers without sleeves. These types of cover-ups tend to have lapel-style collars with side flapped pockets. Now, imagine yourself wearing one of these statement vests with a button-up and a high wasted pencil skirt. Looks chic, professional, and stylish, all at the same time. When picking vests for women, choose colors that are monotone. They tend to look more professional and colors like grey, black and white are easier to style with work outfits.

Street style:

If we are talking about everyday street style, festivals, or weekend outfits, then we suggest picking the ones colored in eye-catching prints, or the ones with embroidery and fringes. You can wear this type of cover-up over blouses and tank tops, pairing them with your favorite ripped jeans or cut-offs. These women’s vests tend to be more appealing to the eyes and are mostly available in vibrant colors that give your outfit a bold and classy look. You can also style them for bohemian attire, with a fringed vest and maxi dresses.

Denim all the way:

Denim is something that looks amazing and has been in the fashion industry for a long time. No wonder, denim vests are so popular, that they can make any outfit look charming. A very trendy look right now is a denim women’s vest worn on top of a white dress. You can add some accessories like a black handbag and strappy sandals. The look is neat and looks rather appealing to the eyes. The key to styling a denim vest is nothing, just wear what you feel looks good on you.

What is your favorite look? Do you like more casual streetwear or business casual outfits? We hope this helped you make a choice when shopping for women’s vests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which material is best for women’s vests?

Leather and denim vests are something that is trendy right now. These materials tend to be very durable and are worth the money.

What is the lifetime of a leather vest?

If the vest is under proper care then it can last from 10 to 20 years, at least.

How do I get the right size for me?

You can refer to the size chart available at our website for a clearer understanding. Our sizes can range from extra small to triple XL.

Which color vest is best suitable for everyday wear?

For everyday wear, brown and black vests are the best as they can be paired with different outfits. Another option is a denim vest, that can be worn with different dresses.

What kind of vest is work appropriate?

There are vests available that look like sleeveless blazers, they are the best for formal wear.

What color of vest is preferred for offices?

Work-appropriate blazer vests are available in many colors but choose a neutral color like white, black, brown, gray or beige. These colors not only look tidy but are also easy to style.

Do you ship to different countries?

Our shop provides free deliveries. We do shipping worldwide as well!

How do you wash your Women’s Vest?

It is best not to wash your leather vest. A great alternative is getting it dry cleaned if you think it stinks. Or, just use a coat brush to get rid of dust.

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