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There is no doubt that movies are a powerful force in fashion. Every time a new film is released, it seems like there is a new trend in clothing that everyone is eager to try. This was especially evident in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the “heroin chic” look popularized by films like Clueless and The Devil Wears Prada became all the rage.

In recent years, we have seen a similar phenomenon with the release of films like Gucci House and Birds of Prey. These movies have inspired people to dress better and feel more confident and stylish in their everyday lives. As we continue to see more diverse representation in film, we will likely see even more inspiring fashion trends in the years to come. And to get you more ahead with the ongoing trends, we have sorted the in-demand Top Gun Jackets and Coats collection.

Although Top Gun was released in 1986, its recently released sequel Top Gun: Maverick, has everyone talking about it. Since we always seek perfection at Leather Jacketz, we have come up with everything you would want to know about the movie, cast, and its outfits.

The Top Gun Movie Franchise’s Story:

The obsession with pilots flying beyond the skies never gets old! And that might be one reason why everyone has repeatedly been streaming the Top Gun movie. Meanwhile, the first movie introduced everyone to The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School and aspiring young trainee pilots, including the fearless Maverick, competing for the first position. The second installment takes place after thirty years and represents Maverick as one of the top aviators training a batch. However, his fears and inevitable sacrifices don’t seem to leave him for long. Despite the gap between the two movies, the ratings for both keep increasing with each passing day.

Tom Cruise As Maverick:

We are all aware of age just being a number for Tom Cruise. While the actor ensures releasing the back-to-back hits installments of the Mission Impossible Franchise and keeps the action alive through his other famous works such as Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, War of the Worlds, and many more, there is no way that anyone would have ignored his awaited Top Gun: Maverick.

And besides the consistent marvelous action, the actor as Maverick has continued to bless us with numerous fashion statements and spot-on signature outfits, which you can buy at Leather Jacketz right away. Regardless of what others might say, taking fashion inspiration from an actor who never misses a chance to seize every fashion opportunity is something you would want to do if you really want to bring that A-level fashion game!

What Can You Explore in Tom Cruise Maverick Outfits?

With Top Gun running successfully in theaters, it was only about time for everyone to go crazy over the movie’s-inspired Tom Cruise Maverick Outfits. But as we were already prepared for this thrill, there is nothing to worry about, and let’s check out what you should be adding to the season’s wardrobe.

If you have been keeping up with the ongoing fashion trends related to Top Gun movies, missing out on the iconic yet signature aviator leather jackets with patches would simply be a massive mistake that one could make! Thus, to stop you from reaching that conclusion, check out the above-listed 1983’s Top Gun-inspired jackets for both men and women.

The signature jacket options don’t end with the first installment! Since the sequel Top Gun: Maverick has carried everything with such exemplary finesse, we have sorted out the modernized variations in stock now.

If there is something we are sure about, women’s and men’s outfits are incomplete without the minimalist yet classic bomber jackets. Thus, we have picked two best-sellers from the new Top Gun Jackets collection to provide you with the best bomber options.

The Signature Top Gun Jacket’s Significance in the Modern-Day Fashion Town:

As the modern-day fashion town keeps evolving with the fashion trends inspired by the popular movies, it is pretty understandable to witness the Top Gun-inspired jacket gaining all the glory. Plus, with every other social media fashion influencer dropping tremendous fashion inspos in them jacket’s variations, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon immediately!

And if we talk about styling any Top Gun Jacket to achieve perfection, one can always take notes from the iconic Maverick himself, keeping the overall outfit simple and letting the jacket shine out the most!

Since you are just a click away from completing that suggested dream, don’t waste a second and get yourself the apparel from the Tom Cruise Maverick Outfits now!


1) What Is the Difference Between Maverick’s Previous and New Iconic Jacket?

Whereas the first movie’s-inspired maverick jacket had the US, UN, Japanese, and Taiwanese flags, the jacket from the new sequel has neither Japan/Taiwan flags nor any mention of the Galveston.

2) Does Top Gun 2 Have the Same Cast as the Previous One?

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are back to reprise their roles, yet the movie also has fresh faces, including Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, and others.

3) How Can I Order Myself A Similar Top-Gun Movie Jacket?

If you don’t want to miss out on Top Gun jackets perfection, you can select your fave jacket, add it to the cart, and place an order ASAP.

4) Where Can I Watch Top Gun 2 Besides Theaters?

You can now stream Top Gun 2 on Prime Video, Paramount Plus, and even Apple TV.

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