Pink Leather Jacket

Pink Leather Jackets for Men’s and Women’s

But, if you look around in the fashion industry and the latest trends, you will find a lot of pink ones out there. Even though Pink Leather Jacket is not difficult to style, you may not be as familiar with it as with the black ones. To help you figure out more about this color, we are here to guide you. There are two types of pink and you can style them accordingly: hot pink and baby pink.

Hot pink:

Just as the name suggests, the color is hot! Meaning it is a bold piece of cover up that will have all eyes on you. To help you style your jacket a bit better, here are a few outfit ideas.

The all black:

Pair your hot pink women’s leather jacket with a black leather skinny pant for a more refined yet casual look. Wear a black tank top and choose dainty jewelry according to your plans. When it comes to footwear, wear black suede pumps that will compliment your attire.

Formal lace outfit:

For a formal outfit that is very straightforward and can be changed in many different ways, choose a navy lace body con dress. Add your cover up and pair it with beige leather pumps. Accessorize according to the occasion: for office wear add a gold watch and for party wear add some dainty jewelry.

Everyday casual comfort:

A hot Pink Leather Jacket and a denim mini skirt, are two items without which our wardrobes will feel incomplete. To give your outfit a more laid back touch, why not add a pair of pink leather slip ons to the equation.

Pretty in grey:

If you are someone who likes practical style then consider pairing grey skinny jeans with hot pink leather jackets for women. Finish off with some gold sequin pumps to let your sartorial credentials shine.

Baby pink:

Just like the name, a soft color that will help you make a statement with your stylish outfits. For some outfit ideas, continue reading!

Work casual:

The combination of a burgundy pencil skirt and baby pink outerwear is proof that a straightforward work outfit does not have to be boring. Add a classy wrist watch and a pair of matching stilettos to complete the look.

Laid back white:

The strikingly stylish combination of a Pink Leather Jacket and white skinny jeans is the perfect laid-back look. To take this to a classier direction, pair it with a pair of tan leather pumps. Add some light jewelry and you are ready to take on the world!

Party pink:

A white crochet party dress paired with a baby pink biker jacket makes a killer look. To add more style to your fit, add a white handbag and some white high heels. Wear a light necklace and you are ready to party all night!

Pink on pink:

A pink lace maxi dress paired with a pink leather outerwear is a combination that every chic fashionista should have in her off duty collection. For an added touch of chic, add a pair of tan leather pumps to your fit.

Frequently asked questions:

What kind of leather is the best?

The best type of leather is animal skin leather, in which we prefer sheep skin leather, which is why most of the jackets on our website are made from sheepskin!

How do I figure out my size?

You can refer to the size chart given at our website. We have a wide variety ranging from extra small to triple XL.

How do you clean leather outerwear?

To clean your leather attire, make a solution of warm water and dish soap. Dip a cloth into it, wring it out and wipe your attire.

Make a second mixture of cleaning solution using one part vinegar to one part water. Use a second clean cloth to wipe off the dish soap solution.

What color leather jacket is preferred?

If you are new to styling then pick something neutral like black or brown. But, if you are someone who likes bold colors then a Pink Leather Jacket is definitely a worthy purchase.

Do you ship?

Yes! We provide free shipping worldwide.

What material is the inner lining made from?

Viscose material is used to line the inside of the jackets, but sometimes shearling material is also used.

How do I know if the leather is genuine?

There are three steps to figure out if the leather is genuine.

  1. Smell it. Genuine leather has an oaky scent.
  2. Stretch it. Real leather is kind of more flexible than faux leather.
  3. Feel it. If the leather in question has a grainy texture then it is genuine.
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