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One of the most famous types of mens attire is the shearling leather jacket that is not only warm but is designed in a unique way that makes it look very stylish. What make the shearling jacket outstanding is the two layers of clothes stitched together with such professionalism that grabs the everyone’s attention. Have a look at this Mens Shearling Jacket Collection.

Each piece holds a unique look to it that makes it look outstanding in the fashion industry. With each unique style, a Shearling Jackets for men will leave you pondering over which one to buy.

Long shearling coats are a whole icon by themselves. These coats have a unique and masculine look to them that was adored by the women in the late 90’s. With their vintage look, this merchandise have great potential of being styled in many unique ways. This means if you style your coat the right way, you will have a bunch of outfits that will act like a chick magnet, which is alone a reason enough to wear them.

Shearling jackets for men come with two styles: hooded shearling jackets and shearling jackets with wide notched lapel style collars. These two styles are unique by themselves. The hood provides great warmth for your ears while maintaining the masculine look of your outfit. The other style is a classic: with a wide notched lapel style collar that has a shearling lining, the jacket will not only provide great insulation around your neck but will also keep you in style according to the latest fashion trends.

The cold winter weather has all of us layering on clothes just to stay warm. All the layers of sweaters and shirts will make you end up looking like a floof ball. The greatest benefit of owning a shearling jacket is that you will not need to layer up so many shirts just to stay warm. The comfortable and soft layer of the shearling fabric in these jackets not only provides great insulation but also helps you maintain your overall look. One shearling jacket might as well be equal to wearing 3 sweaters.

With enriched color combinations and different styles, designers have been working on these jackets to fit the modern day fashion. These jackets have dual closure, that is a buttoned closure, and a zipper closure. The dual closure of the jacket makes it more sturdy and durable to wear. A classic shearling leather jacket will go a long way for you.

Coming to the texture and overall look of these jackets. They ten to have full length sleeves that are also lined with shearling fabric. The inside layer of the sleeves provides great strength to the jacket and plays a vital role in keeping you warm, especially around your arms. To accentuate the look of the shearling leather jackets, designers have added pockets to them. While the original shearling jackets in the 50’s did not have pockets, the jackets found these days are designed to improve the functionality.

Shearling leather jackets can be found in different enriched colors that will make your outfit pop! Fashion designers have been working on these jackets for a long time and today we can even find them with different prints paired with fur around the sleeves and hood.

Next step is styling these jackets. Pondering over your outfit will have you late for your meetings. These jackets are easy to style because of their all-going look, they have a classic casual look that is easy to style.

Styling tip: match the tones of your outfit with your jacket for a more put together look!


What is the durability of a shearling leather jacket?

A high-quality Mens Shearling Jacket can last for decades while maintaining it’s texture and softness, if it is under proper care. Investing in a good sheepskin leather jacket will be one of your most durable investments. We have the overland’s shearling coats available that are known to be the most durable.

How well will the shearling jacket fit?

You can refer to the size chart we have for you. We have various designs and sizes.

Where does the sheepskin come from?

Jackets provided by us are made from authentic sheepskin. These shearling outerwears are manufactured from the fur of domestic sheeps that are raised on small farms and ranches.

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