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Leather is an exclusive material that is quite famous in the fashion industry. It is one of the most useful discoveries made by mankind. Dated back to 5000 B.C leather was used to make clothes, sandals, gloves, buckets and bottles. The invention is used to this day and has become a very exclusive material in the fashion industry. Today, leather is used to make luxury items like jackets, purses, belts, wallets and shoes. Depending on the type and quality of leather used, these items can last for 10 to 20 years at least.

Talking about different attires, there are many styles of leather belts available in the market now. Leather belts are an accessory that can instantly make your outfit look more classy and put together. The most common types of leather belts are black leather belts and brown leather belts.

Black leather belts:

An essential in every men’s wardrobe, a Black Men’s Leather belt. A belt is not only used to get a more fitting waist but is also used to upgrade your outfit and give it a more formal look. Important for events like weddings, interviews and presentations, a black leather belt is something that looks good with all outfits. It does not matter what shades your outfit is, a black leather belt has a speciality to look good with every color and that is why it is one of the most bought items in the fashion industry.

Brown leather belts:

A neutral shade accessory is a must have in a men’s collection. A brown belt is one of the best choices of accessories to own as it is a neutral shade that works wonders with all outfits. Best for formal and casual wear, a brown leather belt can instantly upgrade your outfit. The best way to style a brown leather jacket is with a white button down and brown pants, the outfit is perfect for an interview or even a wedding. The brown color of the belt will draw attention to your waist and give you a more masculine look.

Leather belts for women:

Accessorizing the outfit is a must for a woman. For someone who is new to styling their attire, it is best to stick to the basics and just add a belt with some dainty necklaces. Adding a belt to the outfit will not only improve the overall appearance of the outfit, but will also make your pants fit more nicely. A Leather Belt will also draw attention to your waist and bring out the feminine side of you. With so many styles of Leather Belts, a woman can find a belt that fits just right with all her outfits. Brown and black leather belts are a must have in everyone’s closet because they are an all rounder. To step up the styling game, women can use the vibrant colored belts that are now available and quite famous in the fashion industry.

When accessorizing clothes, the best solution is to stick to neutrals like black and brown belts. Invest in a good leather belt that can last you for at least 15 years. Investing in high end leather belts is definitely worth the money.

How do I know if the belt will fit?

We have different sizes for men and women available. Refer to our size chart for more details about the belt you are thinking of buying.

How long can a good leather belt last?

A durable and high end leather belt that is manufactured from genuine leather can last you for more than a decade if it is under proper care.

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